Recurring Payments

Accept payments on your terms, without altering your service, product or subscription model.

Works Globally

Located outside the United States? No problem! Peakium works in a majority of countries.

Easy Implementation

Essentially no development costs. Takes less than 30 minutes with your existing subscription system.

Peakium overview

Why you'll love Peakium

Accept payments on your terms, without altering your service, product, or subscription model.

Make you and your customers happy by offering them a simple, and easy solution they'll trust.

Flexible payment periods

Many recurring payment providers only offer certain payment periods, such as monthly or yearly payments.

Peakium has no such limitations.

Low development costs

As we solve all the flexibility needs, it should not be necessary for you to spend any substantial time on adding recurring payments to your system.

We are using WebHooks, and doing all the heavy work for you!

Works Globally

With Peakium, you can connect with any local payment gateway provider. The market always will change, new services arrives, others retires.

Don't lock yourself in.